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Travel Pictures from Vis & Split, Croatia   
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Vis & Split, Croatia
Split is the largest city in Dalmatia in Croatia. Split has about 200 000 citizens, and from here you can take on of many boats out in the archipelago. Vis is a pretty old city with a lot of old houses. Even though it is a fairly big city, the charm still remains. Vis is one of the islands you can reach from Split. The Island did not allow foreign visitors until a few years ago, due to military activity on the island. Vis is a very sleepy island, where you definitely can escape the buzz on the main land. The nature is very pretty and calm.

If you like Vis, be sure to check out the bigger more buzzing island of Hvar as well.

The main street leading down to the harbour in Split

The huge market in Split where you can buy everything

One of many cosy cafés in Split

A lovely view of the bay in Vis

A fishing boat has just arrived to Vis

Vis is full of picturesque views like this one

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